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Goodbye Beautiful

by Caroline Bauer

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released January 22, 2012



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Caroline Bauer Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Home
Cover me like you cover your mouth when you cough,
Shelter me from these approaching storm clouds.
You tell me how you feel without making a sound,
But I can't do that, the way I love you is much too loud.

So I'll build a house inside your heart,
Make a place for us to be alone,
Yes I'll build a house inside your heart,
Cause with you I'm at home.

Your voice is stuck in my head like that song on the radio.
You may be gone, but I can still smell you on my pillow.
Some days fly past so fast I don't know where they go,
But mornings lying with you, they go by oh so slow.


I want to fall into your arms like the rain falling on this roof,
And plant kisses like roses deep into your skin so smooth.
If you ask me a question I promise I'll tell you the truth,
So when you ask me what I'm feelin, I'll tell you, "I'm so in love with you."

(chorus) x2
Track Name: If You'd Like
I watch you as you shift your weight,
And put the pieces in place.
I feel your heart as it beats and sighs and misbehaves.
It sounds a lot like someone told you what to say: If you'd like.

Love is a place where two people live in separate rooms but share a bed.

And all I ask for is a place to rest my head,
And all I want is a kiss or two with morning breath.
If you'd like.

If you'd like,
I'll speak up and toss my cares aside.
If you'd like,
I'll tie you up and blindfold your eyes.
If you'd like,
I'll act coy and give you a hard time.
If you'd like,
If you'd like,
If you'd like.

And all I ask for is a place to rest my head.
And all I needed to read was in that book I just read.
And all I want to say to you,
I will sing instead.
If you'd like.

(repeat first verse)
Track Name: Marry You
May I be blind so I can feel you.
May I be laid to rest beside you.
And if you'll have me, I will marry you.

Under the arbor where the tall trees grow,
Or by the water where the strong winds blow,
Or in that old church that's down the road,
I'll give you my hand if you'll give me yours.

And I'll marry you,
And I'll marry you,
And I'll marry you.
Track Name: Honey
Hope you find home,
Hope you're gone when I come.
Hope you're gone when I come.

And you're where I run.
Where I run to for the comfort,
And the lack thereof.
You're where I run.

And while I was sleeping,
You stole away to where the honey bees are hiding,
With the sky below you.

You drew me in,
And dusted my lashes with pollen,
While I clung to your abdomen.

Now you're filled with sweet things,
And I'm left with wax hair and bent wings,
And the scent of your leaving,

And I felt the stings.
It's a distant feeling.
Won't you take me to where the honey bees are hiding?

Hope you find home.
Hope you're gone when I come,
Hope you're gone when I come
Back for more, honey.